Vamos a Barcelona 🏖️ (ToDUX Newsletter #2)

Dear Subscribers,

this is the first newsletter sent from my new home, which is indeed Barcelona 🏖️, and I wanna use it to update you on a couple of things.

We still need to get rid of significance in A/B testing

First of all, my piece on significance and A/B testing has finally been published in print as well as in the ACM Digital Library, and additionally by the UX Collective in Medium. That now gives you a whole range of options to access it:

We don’t need no real users?!

Second, I’ve collaborated on a research paper with friends from Chemnitz University of Technology and Novosibirsk State Technical University as well as my partner from Jagow Speicher, Johanna Jagow—and that proved really successful. Just yesterday, we were informed that our paper on the adoption of “user-less” design automation tools by practitioners has been accepted at the 2022 International Conference on Web Engineering. The paper is titled “We Don’t Need No Real Users?! Surveying the Adoption of User-less Automation Tools by UI Design Practitioners” and will be presented at the conference in Bari in July. I’ll also upload the camera-ready version to my ResearchGate profile in case you’re interested in reading it.

Should we democratize design or not?

Third, I of course cannot leave you without recommending the most interesting and/or important article I’ve read recently:

☞ Why Design Thinking is failing and what we should be doing differently by Lillian Ayla Ersoy in The UX Collective

So long and read you next time! 👋🏻


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