Five Books to Read in These Trying Times

In this article I want to recommend five books that I believe are essentials in trying times like these: Rosling et al.'s Factfulness; Marcus Aurelius' Meditations; Epictetus' Enchiridion; Seneca's On the Shortness of Life; and Dobelli's The Art of Thinking Clearly.

Practical Approaches to Customer Centricity in Product Development

Products often tend to be technology-driven, without actually solving a real problem of real users ‒ we see companies and products fail every day because money was invested in the wrong idea. In contrast, a truly customer-centric approach ensures you enter the right market with the right product, thus increasing user experience, loyalty, and profitability ‒ a win-win situation. One format for user-centered innovation projects are Design Sprints, which allow for a first validation of a product idea within a week.