2014 in Review: World and German Champion!

Now that 2014 is almost over and there are only some league matches left, let's have a look at my past year in Ringtennis. All in all, it was a way better year than 2013. First, my fellow teammates of TSV Neubiberg-Ottobrunn and I came in second place in the German premier league (Bundesliga), only losing… Continue reading 2014 in Review: World and German Champion!

The Most Important Game of my Life

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyiUg7W1-N0 Do you remember that post in which I talk about how nervous I was when I had to play the last men's double at the 2010 world team championship? Forget about that story! This one is far better. Vereeniging, South Africa, 5th of April 2014. We had lost the first four games of the… Continue reading The Most Important Game of my Life

Playing Ringtennis in a South African Township

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gp0GDT2VN5A If I had to choose the two most amazing moments of our trip to the world cup in South Africa, the first one would be for sure when we played ringtennis at a primary school in the township of Wattville. We went there together with Abrie Pienaar and Johan Ferreira, who are involved in… Continue reading Playing Ringtennis in a South African Township

31 days later … #Ringtennis #worldCup

It's been one month since the 2014 Ringtennis World Cup in South Africa now and I really needed those four weeks to digest all the experiences—the ones with the national team but also rather personal ones. However, before writing about the world cup in one or two separate posts, I'm gonna talk about the open… Continue reading 31 days later … #Ringtennis #worldCup

2014 Ringtennis World Cup: Staying up-to-date

Dear friends, the German national team is leaving for South Africa tomorrow. Thus, I wanna provide you with a final compilation of websites that you can refer to for updates and results during the two weeks that we're going to stay there: The official website of the 2014 Ringtennis World Cup (check this site for… Continue reading 2014 Ringtennis World Cup: Staying up-to-date

2014 Ringtennis World Cup: The Countdown has Started

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92eJgEyU0fw Only 30 days left till the German team leaves for South Africa! This stuff is slowly starting to get really serious! Thus, I am now starting my final training phase, which means: no more alcohol from Monday on daily sprint and interval training to preserve agility and quickness on the court daily motivation by… Continue reading 2014 Ringtennis World Cup: The Countdown has Started

The 2010 Ringtennis World Cup & a Rush of Adrenaline

OK, so I just tried WordPress's inspirator mode for the first time and it tells me the following: Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding belly-twisting nervousness: what caused the adrenaline? Was it justified? How did you respond? These are actually pretty good questions. Let me see ... I think the only time in my… Continue reading The 2010 Ringtennis World Cup & a Rush of Adrenaline