Little MOO, the Friendly Print Robot – That’s Customer Experience!

Little MOO, the friendly print robot

Recently, I’ve ordered a set of new business cards online and shortly thereafter, I received a confirmation e-mail from Little MOO, the friendly print robot. He told me that he had received my order and was forwarding it to Big MOO, the loyal print machine. Immediately, I had to think of a little robot looking a bit like WALL·E doing some paperwork concerned with my order—and let’s be honest: that one’s pretty cute.

The point I wanna get across here is: A confirmation e-mail (or similar) might seem like a trivial piece of interaction in the process of a purchase. But still, you can do a lot wrong and a lot right there. If your confirmation e-mail is actually able to make me smile instead of immediately forgetting what I just read and then at some point deleting it, that’s a fantastic piece of customer experience! Good customer experience in turn leads to a satisfied and loyal customer. So really, well done,! (By the way, I also like the very clean layout and typography of the e-mail—but that’s only a side note.)