13 Days to Go

OK, so there are only 13 days left until the German national team and I leave for South Africa . Training is going well so far. I’ve been practicing daily for two weeks now and already feel quite well prepared. Actually, I’ve been watching videos of the last world cup all day because I really can’t wait anymore!

The past weekend, we played the finals of the German ringtennis Bundesliga (i.e., the first league). My teammate Alexej Ermak and I played for the club of TSV Neubiberg-Ottobrunn, who participated in the Bundesliga for the first time this season. Thus, we’ve been kind of underdogs from the start. Yet, we managed to beat last year’s finalist Lichtbund Karlsruhe—who lost the 2012–13 championship only after a round of deciding games—and finally secured an overall 2nd place. Regarding the greenness of our team, this is quite an achievement—especially for our ladies! Congrats and thanks to all my fellow teammates: Annika Lemke, Stefanie Beck, Sophia Speicher, Gunther Kaiser and Alexej Ermak. Great job!

Logo of the 2014 Ringtennis World CupConcerning the upcoming world cup, it’s now official that players from seven nations will be participating: Bangladesh, Belarus, Germany, India, Kenya, Nepal and South Africa. It’s going to be great! We’ll be meeting lots of old and make lots of new good friends (and maybe bring some medals home 😉 ). The organizers are also investigating the possibility to provide live streams of important games. Please check wtc2014sa.com regularly to stay updated. There are also official Twitter (@wtc2014sa) and YouTube channels available.

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