Introducing HoloBuilder

For about 5 weeks now, I’ve been working in my new job at bitstars (an augmented/virtual reality start-up based in Aachen) and so far have been mainly involved in the development of our new platform HoloBuilder.

What is HoloBuilder?

HoloBuilder allows to create what we call 3D presentations, or 360° presentations if photospheres are involved (see example below). That is, the user can create a set of “slides”, but unlike in, say Microsoft PowerPoint, these “slides” are three-dimensional (which makes them more something like rooms). Such a room can be filled with arbitrary 2D and 3D objects, different kinds of texts and even 360° photos. A straightforward use case would be to virtually furnish your new apartment, i.e. you take a 360° photo of every room, add 3D models of your desired furniture and finally interlink the rooms, thus creating a virtual tour of the apartment. This is similar to the presentation linked below, which has been created by one of our student assistants.

We need your help!

As we are a relatively young start-up, we do not have a large user base yet, but need any feedback we can get. Therefore, at this point, I’d like to ask all of you to check out the alpha version of HoloBuilder and share your impressions with me. Try it out, send me your presentations, think of possible use cases or explain why you can’t think of any, tell me why you would or would not use HoloBuilder … Just send me anything that comes to your mind while using or just looking at our platform. Every little piece of information is extremely valuable for us and will support us in developing a great product.

Go to or simply click the screenshot below to open the example project. You can use the comments section on this page for your feedback or send a tweet to @maxspeicher.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help! 🙂

HoloBuilder Demo Presentation

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