why i’m a minimalist

(the funny thing is: i can’t really explain why. but i’ll try anyway.)

i believe that there’s sth. inherently beautiful to minimalistic design & content. this is what my sense of aesthetics tells me. i’d always prefer t. capote’s Summer Crossing over f. schätzing’s Limit, ’cause the former tells a beautiful story in 149 pages (🇩🇪 ed.) while the latter requires 1304 pages (🇩🇪 ed.) for telling a story most of which isn’t worth telling. probably the fact that it’s way harder to communicate sth. meaningful with as few resources as possible is what makes the exceptional beauty of minimalism—less is more (mies vd rohe; sorry for borrowing this cliché).

also, as so. who’s not uneducated in cosmology, i believe that our universe is so ‘astonishingly simple’ that who/whatever has created it must be a minimalist, too. so in fact, the most beautiful existing thing dictates us the way to go. thus, i also believe that there’s an exceptionally simple—and hence also elegant—theory of everything.

(btw, i’m rather dissatisfied with how many words this post contains.)

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