My First Article for The Next Web

Screenshot of my The Next Web Article "How to become a UX designer — no matter what you studied at uni"

“It was during my Bachelor’s thesis that I first came into contact with user research; and after that, I fell in love with anything usability and UX design. Today, I’m a UX Manager and take care of a wide variety of design topics. But when you simply look at my diplomas, you wouldn’t expect any of that, since I hold a B.Sc. in computer science and two engineering degrees.

But how did I do it? How did I start off as a computer science student thinking about a career in software engineering and end up teaching UX design to students at the University of Michigan? What would I tell someone who asks me: I have studied X, which has nothing to do with design, how do I become a designer?

Read the full article, “How to become a UX designer — no matter what you studied at uni”, at TNW Growth Quarters.

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