So, how *can* we measure UX? (ToDUX Newsletter #6)

Dear readers and friends,

A new article of mine—“So, How Can We Measure UX?”—has been published in the ACM Interactions blog. It’s part two of a three-part series about the proper quantitative measurement of user experience.

#2: So, How Can We Measure UX?

This one will also be featured in print in the January/February issue of the ACM Interactions magazine, and in the ACM Digital Library.

☞ So, how can we measure UX? in the ACM Interactions blog

#1: Conversion rate & average order value are not UX metrics

The first part of the three-part series was already published in January of this year in The UX Collective.

☞ Conversion rate & average order value are not UX metrics in The UX Collective

#3: ???

As of now, my plan for the third and final article is to distill all of my findings and research on this topic (some of which stems from my Ph.D. thesis) into requirements for proper, precise UX metrics … or, maybe, heuristics for identifying bad UX metrics, we’ll see how that turns out. Stay tuned!

Enjoy reading and until next time. Also, I’m always glad to get feedback on my articles and this newsletter. So, please, feel free to just reply to this email.


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