The First Post or: Welcome to my Blog!

Hi there! I’m very happy you found the way to my new blog. An obvious question might be: Why in the world did that guy name his blog “2008”? Fine, I’ll tell you why …

The simple answer is: 2008 was a good year for me. No, wait … it was really a very good year for me. I was in the middle of my Bachelor’s studies (3rd semester), i.e., the point at which you’ve learned how studying works and notice how awesome life as a student can be (summer, sun and party, anyone?). That year, I moved to Aachen, which is still my absolute favorite among the cities I lived in. I met a whole bunch of wonderful people, most of which are still very good friends of mine. Moreover, I became only the second ringtennis player to win the German championships in Men’s singles at age 21 (the other one being the legendary Elmar Herzog of ESG Karlsruhe). Overall, I have only good memories of twenty-oh-eight and I like to think back of it. Thus, naming this blog “2008” was an obvious choice, because it ensures that I’m in a good mood when posting something :).

The topics I’m gonna write about will be quite mixed. Some post will address my research as a PhD student, some will talk about ringtennis and others will be about random thoughts and stuff that just comes to my mind. Hope you enjoy!

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