Semantics *do* matter (ToDUX Newsletter #3)

Dear readers,

Greetings from Barcelona! 👋🏻 I have a new piece on the differences between UX, Digital Product Design, and UX that has been published on my blog as well as on

UX vs. Product Design vs. UI

Why did I write yet another article dealing with this never-ending discussion? When digital product design teams are referred to as “the UX team” or “the UX/UI team,” those are terminologies that can significantly disturb a proper understanding of what UX and digital product design actually are and what a digital product design team does. For one, the user’s experience can’t be designed in the first place, and “doing UX” goes way beyond the scope of digital product design. For another, saying “UX/UI” isn’t meaningful since they’re neither the same nor separable concepts within a process; one can’t “do UI” without also “doing UX.” Generally speaking, digital product design covers design research, interaction design, and visual design, and it’s a much more accurate term for what’s commonly referred to as “UX” or “UX/UI.”

I believe a proper understanding of terminology is essential for being able to deliver one’s best possible work as a designer.

Growth Marketing Considered Harmful

Also, if you’re on ResearchGate, you can now download and read my article “Growth Marketing Considered Harmful” there. It was originally published in the April 2021 issue of i-com ‒ Journal of Interactive Media.

The article inquires into why it is harmful to consider conversion rate optimization and user experience optimization to be the same thing in the context of growth marketing, how the three concepts are interrelated, and why it’s often not the best idea to just A/B test everything.

Some more reading

And, as usual, some more articles I’ve come across recently that I found illuminating. 💡

☞ What’s the ROI of Design? by Matthew Godfrey on Medium

☞ On Design Thinking. Oh… are we still talking about this? by Nick Foster on Medium

So long and read you next time! 👋🏻


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